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Materials used for a drawing

This is a behind the scenes blog about the materials that I use to create a drawing. These pieces shown here depict Nelson Street in King's Lynn as shown in my King's Lynn portfolio.

I begin the piece with a pencil outline and a wash of watercolour:

Using colour pencil and graphite, each brick is then drawn onto the layer of dried paint. Watercolour has a lovely transparency to it, the wash of colour still clearly visible through the pencil detail.

I leave some areas void of paint and work into them with only graphite so as not to overwhelm the entire piece with colour.

Here are all of the materials used for each drawing:

Daniel Smith & Winsor and Newton watercolours

Faber Castell polychromos pencils and graphite

Derwent graphite pencils and colour pencils

Hahnemhule Leonardo 600gsm watercolour paper

Davinci Caseano synthetic brushes

I also use a mechanical pencil for very fine lines and a scalpel knife to sharpen pencils with.

The finished drawings!

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